The original idea for the blog would combine Carolyn's wonderful photography covering all the bare spots created by my more dubious prose. Traveling Companions was intended to celebrate the joys of traveling with someone you loved.

   When Carolyn passed away following a brief illness, the blog idea survived as a way to celebrate Carolyn's life, and to see whether I could continue solo travel as a widower. With trains trips to France, and then an expanded rail odyssey throughout southern Europe, I proved to myself I could travel alone and without creating an international incident.

   Well, what goes around does indeed come around even for the solo traveler (when he's been extremely lucky yet), and Always and Forever will once again be a celebration of the joys of traveling with someone you love.

   Join us, then, to find out how all this came to be, and whether our intrepid and now former solo traveler is able to contribute to the happiness of someone other than himself, even when she wants the window seat.