The Sun Also Rises....FINALLY!

I hope North Korea fires its first ICBM directly at the GPS satellite. There is no way I could have gotten to the Pamplona bullring based on its directions. And when the helpful people at the tourist office (conveniently located along the way) pointed me in the right direction, it bore little resemblance to the arrows and insouciant tone of a GPS clearly in the advance stages of dementia.

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Death in the Afternoon and other tapas delights

 I had purposed my walkabout through San Sebastian to include finding my way to the station for the Pamplona train ( a different station than the one I'd arrived at from Bilbao).

  I arrived early and in plenty of time for the Vittoria leg of the trip, but the ticket agent insisted the next train to Pamplona left at 16:10. I used my Rail Planner to show him otherwise, and  I was soon off.

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