INTERVIEW with Bonnie Crammond

When Bonnie lost husband Neil to cancer last October, there was hardly any time to grieve.

“Unfortunately, I was not given the luxury to grieve my husband after he died,” Bonnie says, “because my son Adam was so ill with leukemia in the hospital in Atlanta. As soon as my husband passed away, I went to Atlanta to be with my son.  Then Adam died six weeks later.  So, I was missing my husband but I was fraught with worry about Adam. I was nauseated and fatigued.”

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INTERVIEW with Kent Hooper

Even as the pain of her absence remains palpable after six years, Kent Hooper entertains no illusions about life and death. “Aileen is dead. I’m not going to see her again.” That hard fact does not impact his attitude about “getting back on the horse,” as it were. “I had the one great relationship in my life. There’s probably no number two out there. In many ways, I still feel like I’m married and I’m OK with that.”

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